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Team Aviation, a leading name in the aviation industry, joyfully celebrated its 17th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its illustrious journey. The event was filled with heartfelt speeches, acknowledging the dedication, hard work, and collective achievements that have propelled the company to new heights.

In a heartfelt address, Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Rajesh Dubey, expressed his profound joy and pleasure at witnessing the remarkable growth of the company. He attributed this success to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of the entire team. Mr. Dubey extended his gratitude to those who have offered unwavering support, enabling the company to execute its work efficiently and achieve desirable results. He outlined a clear roadmap towards achieving the ambitious target for Team Aviation, underscoring the importance of collaboration and determination.


Mr. Dubey highlighted the unparalleled capabilities of women and their invaluable role in Team Aviation's remarkable journey. His emphasis on women's empowerment was not just a mere acknowledgment but a recognition of the pivotal contributions made by women within the organization. This inclusive approach underscores the commitment to diversity and equal participation in the company's growth story.


Ms. Neetu Khandelwal (Chief Operating Officer) at Team Aviation, shared her gratitude during the celebration. She thanked the company, our respected Founder & CEO, Mr. Rajesh Dubey, and all the dedicated employees. In a sweet analogy, she compared the team to a beautiful bouquet, with each member contributing to the overall success of the organization.


Mr. Adarsh Chandna (Chief Financial Officer), echoed the importance of hard work and smart efforts. He emphasized the team's need to stay focused and committed to achieving set targets without compromise. Adarsh's words reinforced the spirit of diligence that has been key to Team Aviation's success.


Ms. Hemlata Kog (Sr. Manager – Technical Sales & Quality Control), in her speech, highlighted the family-like bond within the company. Pledging continued dedication and support, she spoke about the shared vision and growth that unites the team. Hemlata stressed the collective responsibility to achieve both organizational and personal goals within the supportive framework of Team Aviation.


Ms. Suman Singh (Sr. Manager - Sales), is thrilled about our company's impressive growth, attributing it to the team's dedication and hard work. She highlights the importance of a clear vision and thanks our supportive CEO, Mr. Rajesh Dubey, for enabling efficient work execution. Grateful for her colleagues, especially the sales team, Ms. Singh expresses overall appreciation for the collaborative effort contributing to our ongoing success.


Mr. Rajeev Ranjan (Manager – Technical Support & Sales), emphasized the paramount significance of trust within Team Aviation, underscoring the essence of collective achievements and the unwavering commitment to surpassing future targets. In his insightful remarks, he reiterated the critical role that trust plays in fostering a cohesive working environment, allowing the team to thrive together and aspire to even greater heights in the times ahead.


The event wrapped up with a contagious sense of enthusiasm and a strong determination, setting the stage for Team Aviation to eagerly anticipate the start of another successful year. Fueled by the pillars of unity, dedication, and a crystal-clear vision for the future, the team is geared up to embark on new ventures and continue their journey toward sustained success. The shared spirit of excitement and commitment bodes well for the upcoming endeavors, reflecting the collective optimism that defines Team Aviation's approach to the future.